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Hail Mary, Full of Grace [studio version MP3]

Hail Mary, Full of Grace
Music by Demetrio R. Navarro

Praying of the Hail Mary takes on a modern new dimension in this contemporarymusical setting, as performed by singer/songwriter Demetrio Navarro. It won''t take long even for those unfamiliar with the prayer to remember its eternal and hopeful words--a humble but earnest plea for holy intervention.

Open and light, yet with a suggestion of the prayer''s own weightiness and importance, the song both lifts and assures that someone is listening and will soon answer. It soothes you on your down days and inspires you on your strong days, in its own gentle way, just like the centuries old prayer.

Produced and performed by Demetrio R. Navarro

Full studio version, MP3 format

© 2010 Demetrio R. Navarro; Fifth House Publishing

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