Purchase of a song from Modern Chantry gives you coverage to perform the song at church, organization gatherings, and schools.


Number of Copies

Up to twenty (20) copies can be made of the lead sheet music and the MP3 reference audio file for distribution to members of your music group or band.


Lyric Files

PowerPoint files may be used to project lyrics to each song in any setting. However, copyright and song credit information must not be changed or removed from the lyric files and projections. The lyrics may be copied from the RTF files and pasted into another projection file format (e.g. ProPresenter, Onsong, Planning Center) for projection; again, copyright and song credit information must be included in the destination file format.


Translating Songs

You are allowed to translate songs into any other language for congregational singing where a published version is not available or accessible.


File Sharing

Sharing of all digital items (the lead sheet PDF, MP3 audio reference files, and lyric files) is prohibited under the standard Modern Chantry license to individuals outside of your musical performance group. For example, please resist the urge to share/give a printed copy of a song to well-meaning congregation members or visitors who "like" a song and want to learn it themselves; direct them to the Modern Chantry website where they can purchase the song individually.



Although the original versions of songs here were recorded for performance using a contemporary rhythm section of drums and bass, you may feel free to provide a different setting or style for a song. We believe that almost any song can be set to any variety of styles, in particular the songs on Modern Chantry that all possess words from Scripture set to memorable melodies and compelling chord structures; for example, a song that was originally set to an upbeat backing can be alternatively set to a slower, balladesque backing. As long as the melody and lyrics of the song remain unchanged the original published version, you can creatively apply any other setting to the song. In fact, we would go so far as to encourage it.

This should be useful to music directors and worship leaders who arrange since not all music groups have the same instrumentation. For instance, not all groups have drums, but that should never prevent your group from using music from Modern Chantry. So, enjoy yourself in using the strong melodies and chord structures of Modern Chantry songs and in finding some novel ways to perform them with your group.



Purchase of a song from Modern Chantry allows recording and capturing audio and video at worship services, provided that only the live music performance is captured.



We will update any policies from time to time if we think that they are material. Current licensees will be informed by email of the changes.


Expiry or Change in Contact Information

If usage of the music is to continue after the original purchaser of a site license or if the contact information for the purchasing organization changes, the purchaser must send email notification to Modern Chantry about the change so that the annual renewal billing can continue or be stopped.


Mechanical License

The Modern Chantry mechanical license rate is 8.1¢ per song, per copy made, for a song of 5 minutes or less, following the Canadian mechanical license standard. Each additional minute or part thereof is an extra 1.62¢. So if you are manufacturing 1000 CDs, each "cover song" you put on is going to cost you $81. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are planning to record any of the songs from Modern Chantry.