All music packages include:


  1. Lead sheet - sheet music containing the lead vocals with lyrics, song structure, and chord chart. Chorus harmonies are written for many of the songs.\


    1. sampleleadsheet


  2. Lyric files - in PowerPoint and Windows RTF formats, these files can be integrated into the projection media system for an event, be it Mass/Service, seminars, workshops, prayer meetings, worship services, healing services, or small group prayers. The RTF file can be easily adapted for printing use.




  3. Audio reference - professionally recorded versions of the songs as they were intended by the songwriter. Each song includes the lead vocal, background vocals with harmonies for the choruses, piano accompaniment, bass guitar line, and contemporary drums.


Listen to Psalm 113 - Fron the Heap of Ashes



Prices for each music package varies from $6.00 to $8.00 CDN, with most Responsorial Psalms songs at $6.00 CDN. Most worship songs are in the $7.00 and $8.00 range.


Please contact us for bundle pricing.